• +Huge Rush of Natural Energy
  • +Build More Muscle Faster
  • +Dramatically Improve
        Athletic Performance
  • +Laser Like Mental
        Focus & Concentration
  • +All Natural: NO Chemicals
        Or Artificial Stimulants
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Genesis XT is changing the way you think about energy
in your day-to-day life.
Are you finding yourself a bit low in the energy department
lately? Are you running out of steam sooner than you’d like
during your workouts?

If you’re like most of us, sometimes you’re just looking for
that edge that will keep you in the game.

Most people end up turning to stimulants to solve this
problem – caffeine powder, pre-workout blends and
everything in between.

THE PROBLEM: All these external energy sources provide
is temporary, artificial workarounds for your body.

THE SOLUTION: GenesisXT. This revolutionary new formula
flips the energy supplement world on its head with one simple
premise: this supplement works naturally from within your
body’s cells to provide natural, organic energy.
Look, we get it when it comes to energy. You’re looking for the choice that gives you the best energy for the gym, the trail and everywhere in between. But you’re constantly blasted with ads from energy supplements all over the place.

Energy drinks. Coffee. Pre-workout supplements. They might have flashy ads and hot models presenting their products.

But ALL of these products are missing the one crucial component that distinguishes GenesisXT Energy from the competition: all-natural energy from within your own body’s cells.

This product works on a cellular level to provide you with enduring, sustained energy on a natural level. You’re not relying on a stimulant to keep boosting you when you feel down. Instead, you’re getting continually renewed natural energy that’s permanent.


Immense, Sustained Energy: When your body is working from the inside to give you energy, you’ll know it instantly. You’ll feel an intense level of sustained energy that’s coming from within your own body – naturally.
Improved Athletic Performance Across-the-Board: Whether you’re hitting the free weights, running a 5K or cycling a marathon, the energy you’ll get with this product means an incredible boost in performance. With a natural boost of your body’s internal energy, that translates to overall improvement no matter your athletic activity.

Better Muscle Building Potential: Simply stated, when you give your body the right tools for growth, it responds by growing. A natural energy boost at the cellular level means faster recovery, bigger pumps and more impressive gains. And all this without any artificial stimulants polluting your body.

All-Natural Formula = Peace Of Mind: This product works by giving your body what it needs to make its own energy. That means you won’t have to worry about harsh stimulants, artificial stimulants or any of the BS typically associated with energy products.

Improved Clarity and Focus: Genesis XT has been shown to improve mental focus, concentration and increase clarity which can help you achieve your fitness goals with less distraction and aid in your allowing you to focu on everyday life tasks with less frustration.
It’s one thing to get explosive natural energy during your workouts at the gym.
For some people, you just need a boost to get through your day.
Whether it’s in the office or after work, the GenesisXT proprietary blend gives you
everything you need for improved energy throughout your day.
+ Improved Focus and Concentration so you can succeed throughout your day.
+ Increased Stamina to power through your workday or workout.
+ Greater Endurance for both mental and physical tasks.
With its all-natural energy process that gives you permanent energy at a cellular level,
GenesisXT brings you an energy solution with no artificial stimulants or chemicals.
When we say that GenesisXT gives you a natural boost of energy your own body produces, we really mean it. No seriously; we do!

Our claims come after years of scientific research and trials have identified and isolated the source of the body’s own natural energy.


The main ingredient of GenesisXT – PQQ – is the key to natural energy. This all-natural component opens up a channel of communication with your body at a cellular level.

PQQ stimulates a process known as Mitochondrial Biogenesis. To break it down, this means that the body is instructed to produce more mitochondria – the power plants to all our cells.

As the mitochondrial power plants are produced, they release Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the “currency” of energy transfer between the cells in your body.

With more ATP in your body, that means you have more “energy currency” that is naturally produced. And that’s the type of immense, explosive and sustained energy production this product helps you produce naturally – without the need for stimulants.
To put it simply, GenesisXT gives your body the signals to produce more natural energy between cells. This gives you a naturally-created boost in your energy levels for things like better workouts, improved athletic performance, heightened focus and concentration, and superior gains.

From elite athletes to everyday office workers, the natural energy provided by GenesisXT brings unrivaled results – all thanks to the advancements of research and science.
Take 2 MONTHS – 60 Days – to see the Natural Energy Advantage of GenesisXT for Yourself.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our product,
simply return it – even used portions – for a